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Related post: Branch were moved to the Office of the Director. B. Personnel There were ten departures from the EAP, either from retirement, movement to other offices in NIAID or transfer to other BIDs. Dr. Sheffield, formerly executive secretary of the Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation Research Committee, moved to the Parasitology Program and was replaced by Dr. Nirmal Das, formerly Program Director of the Cell Biology Program at the NIA. Mrs. Margery Grubb has been serving as Committee Management Assistant beginning this fiscal year. When Dr. Louis Bourgeois retired in August of 1981, the position of training officer was transferred to the Office of the Director. Ms. Stesney, Assistant to the Acting Director, EAP, has assumed the duties of coordinating the R13s, formerly held by Ms. Warfield, in addition to her other duties. Ms. Warfield has moved to the Office of Program Planning and Evaluation. The Financial Analysis Section and the Program Analysis and Evaluation Branch were transferred to the Office of the Director during this fiscal year. Other personnel actions are moving very slowly. Ms. Grubb has not had an assistant since December 1981 and Ms. Stesney has no clerical assistant. The Acting Director, EAP, has been functioning in that capacity since January 1981 in addition to her duties as Chief, Program and Project Review Branch. FY 82 Full-Time Permanent Employees who have left EAP Merlene Bagley Dorothy Leggin Linda M. Blazer Frances M. Schlademan Lila J. Cave Harley Sheffield Mary Lou Davis William J. Stalters Carol A. Deakin Mildred S. Warfield New Full-time Permanent Appointments Awards Patricia M. Coates Cynthia R. McDermott None Nirmal K. Das William 0. Mitchell Judith N. Johnson Mary D. Shryock 11-2 C. Committee Management While a new Committee Management Assistant came on board in August, 1981, the clerical assistant resigned in December and has not been replaced despite lengthy recruiting efforts. Four members retired from the Council as of October 31. The five (one replacing an earlier resigner) new members did Sinequan 50 Mg not come on board until early December Buy Sinequan due to a Department hiring freeze. The nomination slate for terms beginning November 1 has been prepared and is being reviewed by the Department. Four vacancies on the Board of Scientific Counselors have been filled and invitations have been issued for members to replace two whose terms expired June 30. Five new members for the Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee and four for the Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation Research Committee (AITRC) began their official duties as of July 1. The nomination is still pending for a fifth new member of the AITRC. The Department has initiated a new procedure for reporting and projecting the cost of operating chartered committees. A Financial Operating Plan (FOP) is required for each committee, based on calendar year operations with precise proj'ected costs required for the upcoming year. These FOPs must be submitted with all charter renewal requests, as well as with other reports required by the Department. D. Conference Proposals Beginning with the September/October 1981 Council cycle, all grant appli- cations submitted to the NIH for the support of scientific conferences, workshops and meetings have been handled by the BIDs, through the conference grant mechanism (R13). Where a mutual interest existed, DRG arranged for joint sponsorship of a conference by two or more BIDs through multi-Institute assignment. Initial review was conducted by the primary assignee. All R13 conference grant applications assigned to NIAID during FY 1982 were co- assigned to at least one other institute. During FY 1982, thirty-four conference grant applications with NIAID as the primary Institute assignee received initial peer review for scientific merit by one of the three NIAID chartered committees (Table II). Following each Council review, recommen- dations Sinequan 25 Mg for NIAID funding contributions were made by Program staff to members of the Research Contract Advisory Group (RCAG) for their consideration. RCAG recommendations were then forwarded to the Director for final approval. In FY 1982, the amount of NIAID funds set aside for Sinequan 10 Mg partial support of eighteen conference proposals will not exceed $80,000, or $40,000 for each of the two major programs. In order to facilitate timely issuance of con- ference grant awards, this entire process was carefully monitored by the NIAID conference grant coordinator Ms. Stesney. Actions taken by review, administrative and management staff, both within NIAID and the other BIDs identified as cosponsors by DRG, necessitated a continuous collaborative exchange of information among Institutes concerning all actions involving the receipt, assignment, review, and funding of these proposals. The NIAID 11-3 conference grant coordinator serves as the focal point for all information about grant applications for the support of scientific meetings by the Institute. TABLE II NUMBER OF R13 CONFERENCE GRANT APPLICATIONS REVIEWED BY NIAID, FY 1982* Approved for Funding Approved at Fundable Priority Not Approved for Funding Approved at Unfundable Priority or Disapproved Institute Assignee AI Primary AI Secondary TOTAL
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